Scholarship Endowment Opportunities

Ursuline’s commitment to maintaining diversity and recruiting exceptional students means increasing endowment for scholarships, both need and merit based, must remain a strategic priority.

What is an endowed scholarship and how can it help?
An endowed scholarship is one in which the principal remains intact and only the interest is awarded each year. Endowment creates a permanent funding source designed to support deserving students now, as well as in the future. Endowed scholarships are established with a single major gift or one pledged over a multi-year period.

The minimum amount required to establish an endowed scholarship is $25,000. Once an endowed scholarship has been established, additional donations can be made, sometimes by friends and family members as well, to further grow the fund.

How are endowed scholarships awarded?
Most endowed scholarships are awarded to incoming or rising 9th graders during the admissions process. Upon acceptance, students are informed of available endowed scholarships and invited to apply. Criteria for consideration are provided and applicants are asked to address how they meet the criteria for a scholarship in a personal statement. The Scholarship Committee - composed of representatives from Administration, Admissions, Advancement and Finance - selects the recipients of endowed scholarships.

All recipients of endowed scholarships gather twice a year for letter writing sessions in the school library led by the Advancement team. The thoughtful and heartfelt letters written by the students go a long way in assuring donors that they have invested wisely. Each June, we host a Benefactor Breakfast where students have the opportunity to spend a morning, including Mass, with their generous benefactors.

Support Ursuline Students
Establishing a scholarship endowment can help provide the opportunity of an Ursuline education for qualified students who may need additional financial support in order to attend. Through these scholarships, donors also recognize and encourage interests and abilities that may have special meaning - such as service to others or potential in STEAM fields. In naming a scholarship, donors may choose to honor or memorialize alumnae, family members, admired administrators, or faculty.

Should you have any questions regarding endowed or named scholarships, please contact Cathy Fay McCarthy ’84 at or (914) 500-6284.

TR Scholarship in Honor of Sr. Regina Kehoe

The TR Scholarship in honor of Sr. Regina Kehoe

The Class of 1964 wished to mark their milestone 50th Reunion in 2014 in a meaningful way. At the heart of their Ursuline experience and amidst the countless memories, one woman stood tall, literally and figuratively. Mother Thomas Regina’s appointment as Principal ushered in a new period at The Ursuline School and, in the words of a ’64 alumna, “She was progressive and we took our cue from her!”

Whether you knew her as Mother Thomas Regina, affectionately as TR, or as Sr. Regina, on one point everyone agrees, she is an extraordinary woman as beloved and relevant today as she was when she first arrived at Ursuline many years ago. The TR Scholarship honors Sr. Regina and her lifelong commitment to the education of the young women of Ursuline.

Building on the successful launch by the Class of ‘64, the Class of ’68 also led an effort to garner support from classmates.

To commemorate the one-year anniversary of the TR Scholarship, Sr. Regina's family, friends, former students, and Ursuline administration gathered at a Mass and luncheon reception in her honor on Sunday, May 17, 2015.

Former students from the Classes of '64, '65, and '68 shared their memories of Sr. Regina and how her guidance influenced them throughout their lives. Nancy Waters, Class of '65, said "Like my Catholic faith, Mother Thomas Regina was my lynchpin, my continuity, my true north, my very compass. She will be a part of Ursuline forever through the scholarship established in one of her many names...which I proudly support!" For the full text of her reflection on Sr. Regina, please click here.

The first TR Scholarship was awarded in January 2015 to an incoming student in the Class of 2019. The scholarship recognizes hard-working students who have a strong desire to attend Ursuline. Prospective students are asked to submit an essay which is reviewed by TR herself!

The 2014-15 Mothers' Auxiliary presented Sr. Regina with a check for the TR Scholarship of $53,000 at their June luncheon to her great delight! This wonderful gift in honor of their long-time moderator brings the scholarship endowment to $100,000, ensuring that Sr. Regina's devotion to the education of the young women of Ursuline continues for generations to come.

Contributions to the TR Scholarship in honor of Sr. Regina Kehoe are welcome at any time.
Thank you for your generous support!

Christine MacMenamin Memorial Scholarship

The Christine MacMenamin Memorial Scholarship

Kind, bright, and enthusiastic is how family and friends remember Christine MacMenamin. Christine, an Ursuline student who died tragically in 1989 prior to her junior year, was known for her brilliant smile, her infectious laugh, and her love of life. To honor her memory and to turn their personal heartbreak into opportunities for other Ursuline girls, Christine's brother and sister, Brian MacMenamin and Lilly MacMenamin Loftus, established the Christine MacMenamin Memorial Scholarship. The first scholarship reception was held in May of 2013.

CMM Father Daughter DanceChristine with friends and Trump

Members of the Class of '91 organized an event planning committee to support this special scholarship in memory of their dear friend and classmate. The 4th Annual Christine MacMenamin Memorial Scholarship Reception was held on Monday, April 11, 2016 at Modern on the Rails in Mamaroneck. Ursuline alumnae and friends enjoyed a lovely evening with a buffet dinner, silent auction, and prize raffle. Over $36,000 was raised at this year's event to bring the scholarship endowment to $180,000, further securing Christine's legacy at Ursuline.

This partial, need-based scholarship is given to an incoming 9th grader who has a positive personality, a strong desire to attend Ursuline, and who will contribute to the vibrancy of the school community. It was awarded for the first time in 2014.

Family, friends, faculty, and Ursuline alumnae from all classes continue to support this scholarship through their generous donations. Contributions are welcome at any time.

Thank you for your support!

Class of 1985 Forever United Memorial Scholarship

The Class of 1985 Forever United Scholarship

On the occasion of their 30th Reunion in June 2015, the Class of 1985 celebrates the friendships first formed at Ursuline many years ago and the women of strength, wisdom, and faith that they have become today.

In celebrating the living and eternal bonds of friendship, the Class of 1985 remembers the Ursuline friends who are gone too soon, and hopes that their lives will inspire the young women of Ursuline's future.

In true Ursuline "Ac Fui" friendship, the Class of 1985 remembers...

Helen Crossin, for her fun-loving spirit and generosity.
Margaret Gleason, for her courage and sense of humor.

Deirdre McCorry, for her kindness and warmth.

Joan Meschi, for encouraging us to dream.

The Class of 1985 Forever United Scholarship honors the friendships made at Ursuline and creates new friendship opportunities for the young women of Ursuline's future.

The scholarship is need-based and will be awarded for 4 years to a student who, through her involvement in school activities, will enhance the Ursuline community and be a friend to all.

Helen Crossin-Kittle '85 Memorial Scholarship

Helen Crossin-Kittle '85 Memorial Scholarship

Helen Crossin ’85 was tragically taken from us during the September 11, 2001 attacks on the World Trade Center. The only Ursuline alumna to have died on 9/11, Helen was a computer specialist working for Cantor Fitzgerald – eSpeed in 1 World Trade Center. She was also expecting her first child at the time of her death. The Class of 1985 has chosen to honor Helen’s memory by establishing the Helen Crossin-Kittle Memorial Scholarship. This scholarship will be awarded to a daughter or granddaughter of a veteran or first responder, who also shares some of Helen’s special interests or traits.
Helen was ahead of her time! An original Ursuline “Woman of Tech," Helen was coding long before it was a buzzword in 21st Century education. Helen had a unique brand of friendship. Her circle of friends was far reaching and long-lasting, and included everyone from grammar school buddies to business colleagues to softball team members. It was her Ursuline friends, however, that remained her core group.

Helen was the first to offer help to a friend or a stranger. Her gentleness, overwhelming generosity, and unwavering capacity to love should serve as a model for us all. While her infectious smile and giggle can no longer brighten our days, her spirit will live on through this scholarship and in the students on whom it is bestowed.

We will never forget the sheer joy that was Helen and the wonderful memories we shared as friends. The tremendous loss of Helen reminds everyone in the Ursuline family – now and in the future – “to never forget” and to hold dear our friends, our families and our freedoms. She was a true friend to all who knew her.

Think Pink Scholarship

The Think Pink Scholarship

The Think Pink Scholarship was established by the Ursuline Cheerleaders and the Breast Cancer Awareness Club to assist students whose families need support due to a parent or immediate family member living with cancer. This scholarship is given in loving memory of all Ursuline alumnae who have lost their lives to breast cancer. Read about some of these special women below.

Ann Toglia '66

With a private practice in sports medicine fitness training, Ann Toglia applied her expertise to her own recovery from surgery and treatment after a late stage breast cancer diagnosis. She developed the Staying Abreast program to raise awareness of the medical community to the importance of prescribed rehabilitative therapy for every person undergoing cancer surgery and treatments. Ann was committed to inspire those fighting cancer to engage in a moderate exercise schedule that would allow them to feel more a part of the fitness world and less like cancer patients - stronger in heart, soul, body and mind.

The Ann Toglia '66 Memorial Scholarship was established by her parents, Rose and Ray Toglia, with generous support from the Class of 1966. On the occasion of their 50th Reunion in 2016, classmates remembered Ann with memorial gifts to the scholarship in her name. The Ann Toglia '66 Memorial Scholarship provides endowment support to the Think Pink Scholarship.

Margaret Gleason Hamm '85

For their 30th Reunion in 2015, members of the the Class of 1985 supported the Think Pink scholarship in memory of Margaret Gleason Hamm '85.

Margaret (Muffin) Gleason Hamm was truly an inspiration. During her own battle with breast cancer, she became a leading fundraiser for Making Strides Against Breast Cancer and an advocate for other women facing the disease. Friends and family became a part of "Muffin's Crew." She was known for her unwavering commitment to saving lives - even if it was just one.

Cathlin Gleason Boncardo '91 with her sister, Muffin Gleason Hamm '85.

Class of 1990 Serviam Scholarship in memory of Bernadette Bleichert Kenney '90

Class of 1990 Serviam Scholarship in memory of Bernadette Bleichert Kenney '90

On the occasion of their 25th Reunion in June 2015, Class of 1990 wished to mark the event in a special way, recognizing how Ursuline has helped shape them into wise, caring, and faithful women. Together, they hope to encourage and nurture the tradition of Serviam in the young women who are the future of Ursuline.

It is in friendship, gratitude, and remembrance that they announce the creation of a new scholarship award at Ursuline – The Class of 1990 Serviam Scholarship – in loving memory of their friend and classmate, Bernadette Bleichert Kenney.

Bernadette’s many friends remember her for her big heart and infectious enthusiasm. She came to Ursuline as a 9th grader, so excited to make new friends and try new things. Bernadette was so much fun to be around, and so open and caring towards others that making those friends came easy to her. Illness limited the number of days Bernadette spent in the halls of Ursuline, but she had made such strong bonds in that brief time that she retained those strong ties to her classmates and her teachers. Her continued faith in God and caretaking of others, particularly little ones who shared rooms with her during her many hospital stays, were an inspiration. Bernadette coming through the ring on Ring Day with her festooned walker and bright smile is, for sure, an indelible memory for all of her classmates.

It is fitting that this scholarship for service be named for an Ursuline girl who lived in the spirit of Serviam. The scholarship will be based on a student’s character, outreach, and her creative ability to share her own interests and talents in service to others.

The Bleichert family, members of Class of 1990, and the first scholarship recipient
and her parents meet at the Benefactor Breakfast in June 2016.

Andrea Aresi Kanovsky '83 Memorial Scholarship

The Andrea Aresi Kanovsky '83 Memorial Scholarship

Andrea Aresi Kanovsky '83 was an amazing wife, mother, daughter, sister, aunt, niece, cousin and friend. Shortly after Andrea passed away, her husband and her parents established the Andrea Aresi Kanovsky '83 Memorial Scholarship at Ursuline.

For the last 10 years, contributions from family members and friends have gifted an Ursuline student with a $1,000 credit toward their junior or senior year tuition. In 2016, the scholarship fund reached an endowment level and was awarded for the first time as a four-year scholarship to an incoming ninth grader .

Students are selected based on established criteria that capture what was important to Andrea – consistently good grades and a variety of interests outside the classroom.

Class of 1982 Scholarship

The Class of 1982 Scholarship

Reunion is a special time to remember so many memories of our time at Ursuline and is also an opportunity to reconnect with cherished friends and return to a place that many of us considered a second home.

Along with many happy memories, we recall the loss of a bright classmate, Sheila Kelly, in Junior year.

Out of shared pain, new friendships were made, and our class grew stronger and more united. Since then, we have lost three other beloved friends far too soon: Kim Mouracade Nesbit, Carolan Boyd, and Lori Ann Orsi Senbergs.

To mark the occasion of our 35th Ursuline Reunion, we will establish a new scholarship – The Class of 1982 Scholarship — so that other qualified young women may benefit from the Ursuline experience as we did. Initially, the scholarship will be established in memory of our four lost classmates. Eventually, it will be an “in memoriam” scholarship for the rest of the class. Through this scholarship, we hope that the lives of our Ursuline classmates will inspire the students selected to receive this scholarship.

Challenges from our high school years helped shape us into the resilient women we became. We exhibited strength in the face of adversity and sorrow, and we persevered. The scholarship in honor of our class will be awarded to an incoming 9th grader who exhibits resilience, determination and spirit. Candidates will submit essays illustrating how they have used these qualities to overcome challenges they have faced. The essays will be reviewed by Ursuline’s Scholarship Committee. A candidate’s need will also be considered.

While larger contributions are always needed, gifts of any size make a difference. It is the unified support and participation of the Class of 1982 that is most important. Donations to the scholarship are not limited to the class itself - anyone can contribute to the success of this effort!

Thank you for your generous support!

To contribute to the Class of 1982 Scholarship, please click here:

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